What You Should Know about the Healing Colors of Food

This coming week, I will be traveling to compete in Massachusetts at the US Adult Figure Skating Championships. At first I was really bummed that I couldn’t host the radio show for you on Monday because of my absence, but then I had a really great idea! My good friend Cathy Hohmeyer, who will be co-hosting the Supercharge Your Healing Powers event with me can host the once-a-month healing show in my stead!

I’ve been training for this competition all year with the goal of taking home two golds, so there's no missing it!  It's my opportunity to express my Divine nature on ice – my one on one with Source so to speak!  I'm so excited to do two singles programs after 8 years out of the competition circuit.  Because of ascension, my sensitivity to energies skyrocketed which meant that crowds and foreign food (yes fast food is foreign) were too challenging for my system to sort out and stay coordinated.  But thanks to Source, the God team and my willingness to stretch beyond my comfort zone and trust that my body parts would work, I'm skating well! YAY!

Of course, I’ll definitely be making sure the skating rink is clear of entities because you can never be too safe. 😉

So, the format may be different, but Cathy’s show is one you ABSOLUTELY don’t want to miss. She’s going to be exploring the energetic colors of foods and how you can augment your diet to balance your chakras.  You’ll learn:

-The evolution of colors and how it coincides with our current evolutionary path

-The colors of food and how they relate to your chakras

-The nutrients of color

-How to expand colors beyond the foods you eat

-What your priority color to balance for the day is

I GUARANTEE, you will never look at your plate the same!!  Cathy will be offering mini-readings and healings during the show so you don't want to miss it! Here are the details:

Monday April 9th 12 p.m. ET – click here to join in!

Link to show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2018/04/09/balance-your-chakras-with-food–hosted-by-cathy-hohmeyer



Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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