Method Training

Learn how to Align with Source, Ask the right questions, and
Activate your healing potential with Light Medicine.
It’s fast. It’s precise. It’s powerful.

Karen Kan

TOLPAKANTM Level 1 Self-Healing Program

The TOLPAKANTM Healing Method connects you to extremely high vibrational healing energies and “they” do the work for you. Your job, as a self-healer, is to connect to Source, consider the right healing questions to ask, and command those energies to do the heavy lifting on your behalf!

TOLPAKANTM Level 2 Practitioner Certification

You'll have access to practitioner-perfected protocols and associated assessment forms to use with your clients so you can learn the most efficient and effective ways of helping your clients achieve greater joy, love, peace, health and prosperity while also doing this for yourself.

TKH Practioner Certification Model V2 (3)
TOLPAKAN™ Healing Level 3 Certified Trainer

TOLPAKANTM Level 3 Trainer Certification

The TOLPAKANTM Trainer Certification is for practitioners who want to teach the TOLPAKANTM Healing Method to other people as part of their business or to train other practitioners in their clinic.

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