Spiritual Medicine Digest: How to be Energetically Harmonious with Natural Cycles

Water is an amazing and mysterious substance. In this video I share my recent off-world water healing experiences and what that may mean for us in this Universe. I also explain why Starseeds that were previously non-embodied Light Beings may have a difficult time integrating the ascension energies of late, and how that affects their physical comfort and well-being.

There are natural cycles in the cosmos and nature, and as a human, our bodies need to be able to flow with these natural cycles. Light being starseeds that ascend rapidly with each “upgrade” may have difficulty harmonizing with those cycles. In this video I do a mini-healing and share a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directive that may help you feel more in balance with these natural cycles, even if you’re not a Light Being Starseed (LBSS).

Click the video to watch the video now:


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