Spiritual Medicine Digest: Emotional Body Recalibration and the 11:11 Portal

Everyone is talking about the 11:11 portal that is continuing to “happen” this week. 11:11 is a sacred number and Source wanted me to share a special message with you regarding this. Some Sensitive Souls may feel a massive shift and some may feel next to nothing. Headaches, tight shoulders, nausea, are sometimes “detox” symptoms from raising your vibe during these portal “opportunities”.

In addition, there was an Emotional Body Recalibration for all of humanity and human-ET hybrids. This healing is courtesy of a small percentage of Light Being Starseeds who are healing through their spiritual Light. This recalibration can be equally intense for certain people, causing temporary explosions of emotions (lower frequency emotions that are ready to heal)! And I found out there is a way to make this “shorter”.

In his week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I include a TOLPAKAN Healing Activation will include a new download to help you transmute negative emotional energies with greater ease and speed.


Light Warrior Radio

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Cool Stuff

  • We just got these 3R Formula bracelets in so the staff and I decided to extend our holiday sale until Saturday, 11/13 at 11:11 PM. Since we aren’t shipping the 3R supplement drops outside of the USA, you can use these new silicone bracelets to “charge” your own water, or wear them for extra energetic protection during the day. If you have any Khovid or V-related symptoms related to fatigue, inflammation, shortness of breath, etc, this energetic formula may help give you the right energetic support. 60-day money-back guarantee.


“I am so happy to report that I definitely have improved since taking the drops every day! When I’m tired I am not lethargic-tired. I don’t have that burnt-out feeling that I had prior to taking the drops! My mental fog has lifted and my eyes are not burning anymore in the morning or in the evening when I’m tired!

I feel more clear in my head and I can finish my workouts without the “down and out” sensations in my body afterward! Great product! Love and Blessings!”

Mary, Test Group Participant

  • What is Your Sensitive Soul Type? If you are a Sensitive Soul and you don’t yet know your Soul Type, check out this quick quiz to at least get an idea of what your pre-dominant soul energy type is. It’s fun! Feel free to share the link!

Upcoming Events

  • Ascension 3 Shop is closing Saturday, November 13th at 11:11 PM EST for the year. The next launch will be in ✨2022✨!
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    • Are you someone who feels deeply and is easily affected by the people, energy, and circumstances that surround you?
    • Do certain situations like crowds, drama, or work overwhelm, leave you wanting to crawl into bed and sleep for the next hundred years?
    • Do you “know” things, pick up on “vibes” easily, or experience energy more acutely than others do?

If any of this resonated with you, it's likely that you are one of the following:

    • Empath
    • Highly Sensitive Person [HSP]
    • Intuitive

There is a very special online event that I want you to know about! It is absolutely free to attend. Be sure to check out my interview!


Karen Kan
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