Spiritual Medicine Digest: Download Resiliency Morphic Field


A short Spiritual Medicine Digest this week as I am set to jet off to Hawaii for some fabulous speaker training this coming week!

But first, in the spirit of the holiday season, lots happening this week in terms of resistance to love and connection. These attacks are common around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, often causing sensitives unease, headaches, etc.

Good news though, there are 22 key resiliency fields available for sensitive Light Warriors to download and help ward off these energy attacks. Listen in to hear how to download these positive frequencies!

One announcement this week: this coming Monday the usual monthly LifeWave Radio broadcast will be a replay of a past LifeWave show (as I will be away). The topic will be all about phototherapy patches to boost self-care through the holidays. Head over to karenkan.com and join the mailing list to learn more!



Dr. Karen Kan


Karen Kan
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