Self- Healing Programs

Learn why you might be struggling as a sensitive soul with
anxiety or overwhelm, and how to get clear, confident
and connected to Source and your Soul Tribe.

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Dr. Karen Kan's Sensitive Soul SOS Program

Sensitive Soul SOS Program

If you are a highly sensitive person who feels overwhelmed, “sponging” off everyone else’s energy, then you need this program STAT. This 3-module program teaches you how to Connect with Source in 3 seconds or less, Clear negative energies that aren’t yours, and Create a personalized sensitive-soul lifestyle that works for you, so you can experience joy, peace and prosperity

Light Warrior Advanced Healing ProgramTM

The Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program helps Sensitive Souls such as Earth Angels, Indigos, Starseeds, Empaths and Hybrids navigate the ascension process so they can claim their health and vitality, clear stuck energy blueprints and co-create a more balanced life by healing all timelines simultaneously.

Dr. Karen Kan's Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program
Dr. Karen Kan's Unlock Your Superpowers Program

Unlock Your SuperpowersTM

The Unlock Your Superpowers: 7 R's of masterful manifesting program is a comprehensive healing/training program that helps you erase negative blocks, naturally attract abundance, and navigate life's obstacles with ease and grace. The skills and healing you learn in this program will be important and relevant for decades to come.

Supercharge Your Healing PowersTM

This recording of the 3-day live Supercharge Your Healing Powers Event shows you how to do Weather Magic, change your DNA, manipulate matter with your mind, overcome obstacles in your life, remote Healing by Proxy-Prop™, extract your current Soul Mission using the Soul Mission Matrix™ and Soul Experience Template™, and much more.

Dr. Karen Kan's Supercharge Your Healing Powers Program
Dr. Karen Kan's Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0

Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0TM

Do you suspect that entities are sabotaging your health and happiness? The Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 empowers you with the skills you need to heal negative entity and ET influences so that you can confidently clear yourself, your loved ones, your home, your sleep realms and your electronics with ease and speed.

Holistic Health Transformation ProgramTM

This 12-class program is jam-packed with well-rounded holistic health tips and strategies, including training on intention setting, harnessing the law of attraction, releasing negative emotions with Tapping, healthy nutritious meals, releasing negative spiritual energies, and much more! It's perfect for someone just starting their holistic health journey.

Autoimmune Healing Secrets by Dr. Karen Kan

Autoimmune Healing SecretsTM

The Feel Fantastic Formula supports natural healing of autoimmunity and allergies and is specifically designed for highly sensitive people. This 4-part formula will help you recognize the common underlying energetic patterns causing or contributing to autoimmunity, release toxin and inflammation energy, re-calibrate your body's responses to the environment, and restore balance and harmony to your system.  If you are a sensitive soul suffering from pain, chronic inflammation, low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, intestinal issues, depression, allergies, food intolerance or multiple chemical sensitivities, this is the perfect program for you!

Divine Design TrainingTM

I'll give you the Road Map and Light Medicine tools to Optimize Wellness, Balance Immunity, and Clear Anxiety during the pandemic and beyond! Get Clarity on how to assess and rebalance your 3 primary immune systems through energy healing. Gain Control of your perception and experiences so you can live a calm, healthy life. Build Certainty and Confidence in knowing you are doing everything in your power to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy!

Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap

Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap Program

Want to learn three different ways of tapping into your intuition so you can make better decisions, whether it is about your health, your relationships, your job, or something else? If you're interested in learning muscle testing, then this is the program for you. In this 4-Module program, you'll receive training and healing to help you optimize your connection to your intuition and inner wisdom.

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