Repatterning Your Brain with Lottie Cooper to Break Free from Relationship Patterns

I am so excited to be interviewing LIVE with Lottie Cooper on this week's Light Warrior Radio broadcast! Lottie, founder and creator of Inspirational Counseling, comes to us as a facilitator of releasing pain from the body, both physical and emotional. Her intention and gift is to assist her patients in accessing their own healing wisdom.

During the interview Lottie will be helping listeners recognize their subconscious loyalty patterns to family, friends, and partners, while learning how to use this awareness as support for releasing these bonds and using theta healing to shift out of unconscious patterns. She will also be discussing the importance of knowing if it’s your energy or someone else’s with the help of a grounding cord, addressing how crucial it is to love yourself and heal your heart to break free of relationship patterns for better and more fulfilling relationships, as well as sharing the significance of employing psychic protections when you start opening up your intuitive gifts and why that’s important in relationships.

Intriguing, isn't it? Don't miss out on this LIVE show airing Monday December 10th at 12PM EST. Join here or dial in at 818-514-1190 and dial 1 to ask questions! Find the replay at the same link.

While you eagerly await Monday's show, learn more about Lottie's work on her site at http://inspirationalcounseling.com.



Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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