[LW Radio] The Unlimited Possibilities of Healing the Body with Dipal Shah

What is keeping the body from healing naturally?

Do you know anyone that doesn't have some form of illness, ailment, disease?  According to World Health Organization, the top 3 diseases in the world are cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory disease. It all starts with mental and emotional distress. The body becomes overwhelmed by our external environmental stressors and creates blockages energetically and physically within certain areas of the body and these blockages can become diseases. 

Most people just learn to manage their disease or stress about them daily. Many people are constantly googling what is wrong with them and telling their doctors their own diagnosis. This has caused many to become addicted to finding a diagnosis rather than spending time on themselves and healing through self care. What if you could learn to heal your own body? What if there was an alternative method of healing?

What If you are investing so much time and energy in trying to find a cure for your disease but because Western Medicine can be limiting, what if there are no answers? The answers may be inside of you. It is time to  look deeper. 

On this episode of Light Warrior Radio episode, I will be interviewing, Dipal Shah, Medical Intuitive and Mindfulness Expert, she guides those who are dealing with pain on a transformational journey to finding joy and purpose.

As a Medical Intuitive and Mindfulness Expert she guides those who are dealing with pain on a transformational journey to finding joy and purpose.  

Dipal will help transform your journey of pain and suffering to a journey of healing on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual level. Her support extends out with many programs in place that are available to help you on your journey to greater health and wellbeing. She will also take you on a journey to healing with an activation and process!

During this episode, you will discover:

  • The reasons the body gets sick and how you can help the body let go of the illness.
  • How you can learn to heal your body
  • What a Medical Intuitive does and how they can help you heal your body and expand your vibration
  • What initial steps necessary to Heal the Body



Dipal Shah helps people become free from Pain. She is a Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Global Speaker, Podcaster and an Author. She is the host of the Global Gathering Online Platform and the founder of a Ground-Breaking, Cutting Edge Modality called Quantum Body Awakening. She helps her clients shift their health and transform their lives by incorporating tools and techniques that are unique to them.

Dipal sees everything as a vibration and has the unique gift of speaking to the body and transmitting source energy for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Her programs and interviews have impacted people deeply and her work is in high demand. She teaches others how to live a STRESS FREE life which translates into DISEASE FREE BODY.



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