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[LW Radio] Aligning Your Work and Career with a Deeper Soul Calling with Rhys Thomas

So, you finally make your mind up to leave the job you have had for years and do what feeds your soul! Or, want to give your personal business that has plateaued a makeover or energy infusion that is more in alignment with your inner self that has been evolving spiritually. But you are caught not being sure how to make that shift and don’t want to find 10 years from now that you made the wrong choice again.

You can feel you have a destiny that is calling you to what you should be doing in the world, but also feel a fear of failure that doubts your inner callings and goes for safety instead. What if you could be absolutely sure of what your purpose and destiny are? How it will look when you see it, and how will you best express it? Do you think knowing that would help with making the shift from to let go of your past and step into a new future?

If you are ready for a new adventure in business or life and you need some great practical advice and guidance on how to do it, look no further.

My guest tomorrow is Rhys Thomas, founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute for Energy Medicine, and author of Discover Your Purpose: How to Use the 5 Life Purpose Profiles to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life You Were Meant to Liveand The Power of Purpose in Business

Rhys has worked in the world of energy, and human performance, and potential coaching, for well over 30 years, and what he has discovered is that there are 4 levels of energy and creative power within us, but most people just use level one, the body and mind, more are now using level two, the chakras energy channels, but there is only a tiny percentage of people in the world currently tapping, or even know about the power in the levels 3 and 4 where 80% of your human potential exists.

He says that moving to these higher two dimensions is easier than we have been lead to believe, and creates an accelerated evolution toward your true purpose and vision, and the result is an ability to move beyond your day to day problems, commit to what truly motivates you, and feel a deeper sense of fulfillment, even in a chaotic world.

You may have been told the white lie as a child, that “you can grow up to be anything you want,” and at levels 1 and 2 that is true. However, Rhys says that in his 20’s and 30’s guided by TV, movies, and modern culture, he, like most people, was trying to be who he was supposed to be, not who he truly was. He willed himself to become a pro athlete, a martial artist, a high-performance coach, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a family man. But even with those successes, by 40 he felt empty like there was something big missing and all the success and personal growth work in the world couldn’t touch it. 

The reason he explains that this happens is that at levels 3 and 4 you can’t actually be anything you want, and would never want to be. You can only be one amazing, and never before seen miracle of love and joy, that fulfills you, and is what you were created to be in the world. These levels hold what Rhys calls your soul purpose blueprint. 

Through his blueprint, he found his passion in teaching and inspiring people to master their lives not just their jobs, and started his own energy healing school that has helped thousands now master their body, their emotions, their time, their relationships, their business, and most importantly their spiritual practice must include all of them in an integrated way.

Think about it…

Are you looking for just, any job, or just, any relationship, or just any house, or just, any fitness routine and dietary plan? Or would you prefer to have the one that perfectly works for who you were born to be?​ Success isn’t the end game, the inner peace and true life mastery in levels 3 and 4 are.

On tomorrow's show, Rhys will share his wisdom and give experiential ways to start listening to your inner guidance with a simple 4 step self-healing energy practice that will accelerate your personal growth and self-empowerment, and shift your attention from trying to be anything, to actually bring the one thing that gives you lasting happiness and fulfillment

Listen in on this show if you would like to:

  • Come more into alignment with your deeper soul purpose
  • Learn a simple 4 step system to advance your personal growth and energy
  • Learn the 6 skills all masters and successful people know



Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, trainer, and coach in the personal growth and energy mastery field. He is the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute and the creator of the Rhys Method®, a powerful system self-discovery, transformation, and healing.

He is the author of the International Best Selling book, Discover Your Purpose:  How To Use The 5 Life Purpose Profiles To Unlock Your Hidden Potential And Live The Life You Were Meant To Live and his Rhys Method is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute, through the Rhys Thomas Coaching Programs, and through his products and on-line programs.

Rhys’ greatest inner gift is the ability to awaken you to your deepest inner knowing of who you were born to be and what you are here to do to inspire others. He gives step-by-step guidance in how to let go of sabotage through confusion and playing small. The results of this work give a powerful ability to make choices in your business branding, who you choose to be in relationships with, how to call to you that which you truly desire and not that which you don’t in the areas of personal health and well being both physically and spiritually. He has impacted the lives of thousands of people through his videos, speaking events, and programs.

By mastering this art of energy into a science of personal empowerment business and health for the last forty years, Rhys stands as a model for what he teaches. Throughout his career as a tennis professional, coach, business owner, author, husband, father, public speaker, Martial Artist, healer and soul reader he discovered that people who change the world have in common. They are not planning and thinking about who they should be, they are living and being called to their highest mission from a fearlessness to grow and be more each day.

Through his work with thousands of people over the last thirty years, Rhys has discovered how to help people get the three things they want most: financial freedom in a career they are proud to be known for, better relationships, both personally and in business, and better health so they can have more fun in life!

Karen Kan
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