[Light Warrior Radio] The Toggle Effect: The Next Leap in the Mind-Body Connection

During this episode on Light Warrior Radio, I interview Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Laurie Heusinger who has discovered a shortcut to transforming emotional stress using a simple three-step mental focus process she calls Cognitive Polarity Therapy that she calls, The Toggle Effect.

This process reveals a polarity dynamic in the emotional system that can be utilized and converted to improve mental and physical health. The process quickly improves cognitive function, health, and relieves pain. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, this simple process can be applied to specific emotional stresses so you can directly improve health issues. Pain is also used as an indicator of the need for emotional shifts. By adding the pulse monitoring technique, one has a biofeedback tool that can be used anywhere and at any time.

Because of the direct connection, Laurie has made between the Chinese 5-Element process and Cognitive Polarity Therapy (CPT), Laurie has been approved to teach this process to the Acupuncturists at a national level.



Laurie is a Natural Therapeutic Specialist and author of “The Toggle Effect, A Guide to Emotional Evolution” and “Toggle It, A Guide to Reboot Your Emotions”.

As graduate from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, she founded, owned and operated  Alpha Omega Therapeutics in Albuquerque New Mexico for 18 years.  Her many years of experience in the alternative health field led to her to the discovery and development of Cognitive Polar Transformation (CPT). Professionally she has worked with Counselors, Doctors, Police, Firefighters and Veterans.

CPT has been approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for the National Acupuncture Association and the NM EMT Association. Presently, she conducts a private practice in Key West Florida, teaches online courses and continues on-going research into the many benefits that result from CPT.

She has been a guest speaker on KOAT TV, the nationally syndicated Dresser in the Dark, the Danielle Lin Show and recently on the podcast Evolution Through Ascension.

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