Light Warrior Radio: Pulling your Shift Together with Dr. Naomi Gillespie

Do you know someone who is a shift worker or works away from home?

Are you a family member of that person?

We all know how hard shift work is and how it changes the nature you. It is known to make them grumpy, tired, fatigued and simply not happy. It puts a strain on relationships and affects quality time with the ones we love. There is a proven link between shift work and rotating rosters in the mines and suicide and depression rates. Especially when the worker is away from home.

Families break down and divorce is on the increase. After working with so many shift workers, there are simple techniques that can create connection, communication and revive relationships.
By providing quality time by yourself and with the ones is one such way. Not to mention the other simple tools like scheduling in advance activities for connection or even topics for phone calls so the conversations aren’t just about work.

It is really easy not to get lost in the work world and make sure your energy is renewed and that you live your life inspired and full of joy.

You see companies with shift workers teach them about sleep and to not hurt him/her self on the job. But they forget one important thing. That psychological safety starts within you and at home. If we want a long work life and a happy home life then it is important to work on ourselves and our relationships.

Who should tune into this enlightening interview?  Shift workers, family members of shift workers and employers of shift workers.

You will learn:

  • Simple tools to reclaim your relationship connection and assimilate easier into home life if you work away from home
    • When NOT to give the shift worker the “To-Do” list
    • How to schedule “me” time properly
  • Understand how you can have a happier workplace
    • The ONE question you can ask that will prevent depression and suicide
  • Get tips on movement and nutrition for mental health
    • WHEN to schedule your “forever thing” exercise
    • How what you eat on shift influences your self-esteem and body image (and sex…yup sex)

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Naomi is a Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, and Founder of Origin Pain Relief Therapy. She has owned and operated clinics and treated 1000’s of patients in the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Western Australia. 

She is a keynote speaker on joy, work/life balance, and holistic wellbeing. She has lectured for large corporations, retail chains, government institutions and the corporate health sector. 

Naomi cuts to the grassroots of living a pain free, joyful and abundant life. Her mission is to empower those suffering from stress, feelings of isolation and anxiety, sadness and depression, by teaching practical holistic wisdom and actionable steps. Her programs can be easily applied in daily life. People who work with Naomi call her a ‘secret weapon’, and report experiencing more joy, lightness and a deeper connection to themselves and others. She has helped 1000’s of working mothers, shift workers, and stressed out professionals live a more meaningful, joyful and vital life.  

She has spent many years working in regional Australia and has an intimate understanding of what life looks like for FIFO workers and the companies they work for. Many sacrifices to physical and mental health as well as social relationships are a default when working in this setting. The long term effects on both work productivity and human resources, as well as family and social life can be debilitating. She developed Live It At work as a viable, enduring solution to this epidemic. It’s simple, powerful, and it works.

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