[Light Warrior Radio] Ordinary to Extraordinary: Messages from Beyond the Stars with Fay Vale

Have you ever seen something unusual that you cannot explain?

Maybe something that changed your perspective and opened up a new way of being?

If so, Fay Vale’s story will intrigue you. Mysterious lights, UFO’s and visions of strange beings trigger an obsession that withdraws. From religious-looking depictions to intricately costumed beings and unusual animals. Fay’s drawings come daily from what she describes as ‘channeled’ sources. Artists, ufologists, and the spiritually minded have been drawn to Fays' unusual work. A collection of hundreds of drawings, messages, and consequently a book and ‘healing’ cards make Fay’s story one of wonder and delight.

In Fay's words, she was an ordinary housewife and mother of three. Late one night she had an experience that changed her life forever. She was never interested in the paranormal or otherworldly beings until one night she had an encounter with a mysterious light in the road which she cannot explain. Since then she has had contact with ETs for the past fourteen years through channeled writing to the beautiful guided art depicting beings, animals, and objects from other realms. It communicates messages of hope and change in our troubled world and connects with the heart. To date, she has over 2,000 drawings and continues to receive new messages on a daily basis.


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