My secret to releasing “ascension weight” revealed!

As I had posted a few days ago, I had gained five pounds of water “weight”. I tested that it was due to ascension related EZ water production (see Gerald Pollock’s books on the Fourth Phase of Water). EZ water is highly structured liquid crystal water.

Some of us Starseeds have this issue when the energies of ascension hit and we go up, up, up!!! So I was experimenting with a strategy. Folks were wanting to know what I did to release 5.4 pounds in two days so I’ll share it here.

Please note that this is my experience and I’m not giving medical advice.

I know that from past experiments, one of the reasons for rapid structured water gain was automatic downloaded Source codes and information. Eating solid foods would slow down the processing of these codes so I would accumulate size.

So when this latest ascension weight gain happened, my experiment was to do a modified intermittent fast diet called the warrior diet. I sipped on bone broth all day until about five PM for two days straight, then ate a hearty low carb whole food dinner with plenty of fat. (Granted one night it was take out Chinese but I didn’t eat the rice). I didn’t drink my usual smoothie except as dessert after dinner. Yesterday I also had a bowl of cooked oatmeal after dinner for dessert.

Today is day three and I’m bone brothing until 1:30pm. It is a high carb day so I can keep my metabolism flexible. So I will break my fast and eat more carbs and lower fat today.

If you’re not vegetarian, bone broth is a great way to heal your gut, keep you full and deliver high quality minerals and protein when not eating solids. Here is my affiliate link and great article about losing weight with by a great organic bone broth company https://www.kf91trk.com/NX2GBD/26B6MK/. They have great soups too, all made with bone broth!

How do I not feel hungry? I use the Lifewave SP6C patch along with the Aeon anti inflammatory patch and it helps balance my hormones and hunger. Broth fasting is easy-peasy with the best tools!

Karen Kan
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