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Avoid Unwanted Furry Guests In Your Home This Winter

Ok, I'm as eco-friendly as the next person.. but I am not a fan of mice and other creepy-crawler visitors raiding my house (a big problem during the winter when you live out in the country).

So when I interviewed with Stephen Tvedten about non-toxic pest control last month I was thrilled about all the great tips he had for me.. we even went over our time there was so much to talk about!  I invited him back to share more about how to enjoy a pest-free house and garden without the nasty toxic chemicals.

This time around we will see how much information we can pack into 30 minutes covering things such as: 

1. The dangers of toxic chemicals found in most pest control products  and how toxic-free enzyme products work

2. How to stop deer from eating your vegetables

3. Easy tips to get rid of bears

4. How to naturally get rid of flies and mosquitoes

Stephen is an acclaimed integrated pest management (IPM) expert and author of “The Best Pest Control 2″a manual for enzyme-based compounds suited for the environmentally conscious person.

Here are the details to tune in: 

Monday, November 24th at 12 pm Noon Eastern 

To Tune in Via Internet Visit: 


You can visit this page at anytime after the show to tune into the recording!


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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